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Where Santa Anna Surrendered to Houston, Site of

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Year: 1937
Marker Number: 00119
Street: San Jacinto Battleground Park
City: La Porte
Zip Code: 77571
Longitude: 95 05.456
Latitude: 29 45.213
Key Map: 499P
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Beneath an oak tree that grew on this site General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, President and Dictator of the Republic of Mexico, was brought a captive April 22, 1836, before General Sam Houston, Commander-in-chief of the Army of Texas, who had been painfully wounded on the day previous in the Battle of San Jacinto. Know to have been among the captors of Santa Anna were James Austin Sylvester, Joel Walter Robison, Joseph D. Vermillion, Alfred H. Miles, David Cole.
The original DRT marker #20 was replaced by the state as part of the 1937 monument landscaping project, the original marker was to be refaced & was removed, the disposition of the original DRT #20 marker is unknown, that marker is missing



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